Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is well known for its amazing weight loss benefits. The “green coffee bean” refers to the raw and unroasted seeds of the Coffea fruit. Research shows the green coffee bean green-coffee-beansupplement can assist with weight loss and there are several weight loss supplements popping up to help consumers shred those pounds. However, like the Garcinia Cambogia trial offers, there has been some controversy over the supplement.

The one thing you should remember about green coffee bean extract and other weight loss supplements, is that they are not going to be effective alone. This means you need to do some form of exercising on a daily basis and follow a healthy and strict diet. I always recommend clean eating whenever possible and following a program that has an intense workout schedule like the insanity workout schedule.

So does the green coffee bean really help lose weight? Yes! A recent study (click here to read – link opens in a new window) shows that when a small trial of overweight adults supplemented their diet with a special green coffee bean extract for a period of 12 weeks, they lost an average of 18 pounds each. This equates to an astounding 10% of overall body weight and 4.4% of overall body fat lost. Simply awesome results.

Where to Get Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans can not be purchased at your local grocery store. This supplement is normally found at health food stores and vitamin shops such as GNC where you purchase vitamins and supplements. You can also get free trial offers online, by searching through